pencil pot of the month

Pencil Pot Of The Month – April 2017 2


Description: A note organiser with a pencil pot that can be folded out

Price: £1.49 ($~1.95; €1.75)

Material: Cardboard

Further information: A cardboard note organiser from Lidl UK. The pencil pot part can be folded out, so it is possible to fold it all up in a space saving way.

Price and Exchange rates: April 2017

Pencil Pot Of The Month – March 2017

Description: A mug with a Shakespeare quote – outside red and inside white.

This is how the other side of the mug looks like.

Price: Unknown

Material: Ceramic

Further information: My employer has an Open Day today, so I’m at work1 and have just noticed that the table next to ours has pencils as freebies (we have luggage tags, ball point pens etc) that are presented in a nice mug.

  1. …instead of being at home marking the assignments I have to return on Monday 8^/ []

Pencil Pot Of The Month – February 2017

Description: An empty pot of mustard

Price: I think it was £2.49 (~$3.05; €2.90). I bought it many months ago.

Material: I would call it stoneware, but I think it was advertised as ceramic

Further information: This pencil pot comes with free mustard.


Exchange rate: February 2017

Pencil Pot Of The Month – January 2017 5

Description: A box of tea

Price: Under €2 each (I don’t remember the exact price)

Material: Not sure whether to call this thick paper or thin cardboard

Further information: This pencil pot comes with free tea.

Pencil Pot Of The Month – December 2016 2


Description: A pencil pot made from fabric and leather. Made in Japan by Horishima based United Bees.

Price: Unknown, it was a gift

Material: Leather (handle) and a fabric similar to what you find on backpacks

Further information: I got this pencil pot as a gift from Yumiko from Japan (Thanks). It comes with a cross type divider you often get with pencil pots – when you look from the top a cross divides the pencil pot space into four equal sections. I saw on the label that it is made in Japan, but didn’t want to check the manufacturer’s web site for more info as I thought that would bring me to the price and it didn’t feel right to  look up the price of a gift.