pencil pot of the month

Pencil Pot Of The Month – January 2017 5

Description: A box of tea

Price: Under €2 each (I don’t remember the exact price)

Material: Not sure whether to call this thick paper or thin cardboard

Further information: This pencil pot comes with free tea.

Pencil Pot Of The Month – December 2016 2


Description: A pencil pot made from fabric and leather. Made in Japan by Horishima based United Bees.

Price: Unknown, it was a gift

Material: Leather (handle) and a fabric similar to what you find on backpacks

Further information: I got this pencil pot as a gift from Yumiko from Japan (Thanks). It comes with a cross type divider you often get with pencil pots – when you look from the top a cross divides the pencil pot space into four equal sections. I saw on the label that it is made in Japan, but didn’t want to check the manufacturer’s web site for more info as I thought that would bring me to the price and it didn’t feel right to  look up the price of a gift.


Pencil Pot Of The Month – November 2016 2

Please excuse the image quality, I took the photo with my mp3 player in my office

Please excuse the image quality, I took the photo with my mp3 player in my office

Description: A bamboo pencil pot from Wedo

Price: €8.50 (when I bought it in 2010 that was ~$11.60 or £7.15, today it’s ~$9.05 or £ 7.30)

Material: Bamboo and aluminium

Further information: This pencil pot has been shown in a previous blog post from 2011, before the Pencil Pot Of The Month series started.

Price: November 2010

Exchange rates: February 2011 and November 2016

Pencil Pot Of The Month – October 2016

Welcome to the second year of the Pencil Pot of the Month series – last month’s high-tech pencil pot completed the first twelve pencil pots.

ToBE Story Cat with three feet pencil pot

Description: A laser cut pencil pot for self assembly.

Price: I’m not sure whether it was being sold commercially – if it was sold, then probably only in South Korea. I got it from Arnie Kim of Banditapple fame and Eun Suk Bang, the designer behind ToBe Story.

Material: Wood



Further information: The laser cut pencil pot is from ToBe Story. It doesn’t come with instructions, but assembly is very intuitive. The latch (probably the wrong word) at the top of each wall is always higher on one side than on the other, so putting the four walls of the pot together is straight forward. One rubber band fits between the high and low latch at the top of the pencil pot. The other rubber band fits in the notches at the bottom of the pencil pot, holding it together neatly. There is also a divider you can insert diagonally, to create two different chambers in the pencil pot.

The cat with three feet design is from Eun Suk Bang’s German friend Fayssal Loussaief.

ToBE Story Cat with three feet pencil pot

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Pencil Pot Of The Month – September 2016

Description: A high tech pencil pot that comes with a 6510 CPU and a colour screen.

Price: I think I paid less than DM 100 (at that time ~$50; €50; £25), but that was more than 15 years ago.

Material: Plastic, glass, metal, silicon and more

The Commodore SX-64 as a pencil pot

Further information: The empty drive bay of the Commodore SX-64 is not only a good place to store your sandwich when you take it out to do some serious computing at your local Starbucks, it’s also suitable for storing pencils and other stationery.

You can see the Wopex / SX-64 combination in this previous blog post.