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The Pen Rest 1


Gift boxes

The Pen Rest

As mentioned in a previous blog post I stopped buying expensive stationery for now, but there is still some stuff coming in that I ordered in the past. One of these arrived this weekend: The Pen Rest.

You might remember my blog posts about The Pen Rest from January and March.

The Pen Rest blocks

The Pen Rest blocks

I backed The Pen Rest on Kickstarter and chose the £41 (~$64; €57) rewards for two pen rests and a top. I think the price has changed since I backed this Kickstarter, but I got the price that was valid when I backed the project. I chose the silver blocks, but they are also available in gold.


My impressions

My first impressions: Great! The packaging is really nice and the pen rests came in gift boxes with the lid held in place by a magnet.

Non slip mat

Non slip mat

The blocks and the top look even nicer than I imagined. The two blocks have a perfect friction fit when you slot them together. The top is a bit loose though. I might put some blue tack in to provide some better hold. The blocks came with a non slip mat, too, but in my opinion it doesn’t look great and is a bit too thick.

Altogether a great way of storing pencils and pens. I hope they will be available for many years to come in case I want to add to my existing pen rests.



Exchange rates: June 2015


Original and Copy 2

A quick non-pencil blogpost – this time: Another Original and Copy one.

A bit more than a month ago I bought the Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution (the one on the right in the picture) for $20 including postage.

pelikan-indus-cappedI didn’t realise that it is a Pelikan copy. I also ordered the wrong nib by mistake. I guess that’s what’s happening if you order late at night.


KUM Masterpiece 3


I have used KUM’s Automatic Long Point sharpener, a two step sharpener, for six years now, but I can’t say that I’ve ever been very happy with it. In the end it didn’t use it much at all – saying that: it is a good sharpener for Staedtler’s Wopex, though.


After reading Lexikaliker’s blog post about the KUM Masterpiece, a very similar sharpener with a magnesium body, I couldn’t resist and had to try it. I’ll spare you most details about the sharpener as I’d never be able to write them up as well as Lexikaliker anyway.

The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece is quite expensive. I paid €9.25. Luckily Lexikaliker was kind enough to help me get my hands on one. No wonder it’s expensive: There is a lot of manual work involved and that doesn’t come cheap in Germany (but in this case it’s much cheaper that products from another German company involving a lot of manual work).


It’s a two step sharpener, meaning that in the first step you only ‘sharpen’ the wood away. You then move to the second part of the sharpener where you sharpen the actual lead of the pencil.

The Masterpiece comes in a plastic container that is in a neoprene case.

Stop removed

Stop removed

Actually, the first time I used it I damaged the lid of the plastic container that sits inside the neoprene case – closing the snap fastener needs so much force that the case under it got a crack.


I can’t say that I get much better results with the masterpiece – compared to KUM’s Automatic Long Point sharpener, but it was slightly easier to achieve good results. Another benefit of this model: You can also slide the blue plastic stop off to expose the lead even further before sharpening in the second step. A last point to mention: The Masterpiece has an even more acute angle. Technically the angle for wood and graphite are different. In reality, assuming you used the built-in stop to expose just the right length of graphite, you get an angle of just over 15°. This is the most acute angle I know.

Step 1 completed

Step 1 completed – look at the beautiful shavings from my Noris. 

It’s a nice sharpener, top marks for beautiful shavings, and I’m sure it will see more use than it’s Long Point sibling, but I still prefer my Deli 0635.

Step 2 completed

Step 2 completed

Nock Kickstarter 4

Just arrived this morning: The Nock Co. Hightower Pen Case in Forest Green/Yellow with Union Jack tag and a Nock Co. Dot Dash Notebook.

Nock Hightower Case and Notebook

Nock Hightower Case (outside) and Notebook

I backed The Pen Addict‘s Kickstarter in January and got the pen case today1. I paid $45 (~£29; €40)2.

Nock Hightower Case (outside) and Notebook. The Noris was not part of the Kickstarter.

Nock Hightower Case (inside) and Notebook. The Noris was not part of the Kickstarter.

Price: January 2015

Exchange rates: June 2015

  1. Funnily enough it was addressed to MEMM, instead of my first name / surname, but I assume I must have messed this up in my Kickstarter settings. []
  2. I have since stopped buying expensive stationery (>£10) for more than one reason. I might even sell some of my more expensive stationery, but I still have some stuff coming in I ordered in the past, plus there is still a lot of expensive stationery I bought recently that I want to write about. []